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Headstone of Lovina Wenger Waymire Headstone of Margaret E. Fries Headstone of Margaret Jane Waymire Headstone of Margaret Pearson Headstone of Marie Yakush Headstone of Martin (M.G.) and Catherine Roderick Headstone of Mary Rosa Kale Friese Headstone of Merlon Headstone of Rosella and Edward Regan
Headstone of Sampson Boon
Found in the Bulla Hoover Cemetery, Richmond, Indiana Headstone of Stephanie Ann Fries Headstone of Thomas and Rosa Riley Headstone of Volney Belnap
Ogden City Cemetery, Ogden, Utah Headstone of William & Charlotte (Gotschall) Riley Headstone of William B. Golden
Bulla-Hoover Cemetery, Richmond, Indiana Headstone of William Henry Riley Headstones of Daniel and Amanda (Miller) Waymire Headstones of Violet, Harriet and Lizzie Snowden
Found in Fulstow Parish Churchyard
Fulstow, Lincolnshire, England Infant son and daughter of Frank and Catherine Fries
Jane Taylor headstone John Fries headstone
Greenhills Cemetery
Columbia City, Indiana Ron Snowden and John Fries
Visiting graves of Thomas and Rosa Riley Samuel and Flossie (Zook) Eltzroth Gravesite
Martin Luther Cemetery, Wabash Township, Wabash County, Indiana Sarah B. Thomas Golden
Located in the Bulla-Hoover Cemetery, Richmond, Indiana Text of the headstone of Violet and Harriet Snowden
Fulstow Parish Church Burial Yard Tombstone of Alvin and Ethyl Minnick Tombstone of Amelia Yount Tombstone of Andrew Sinks Tombstone of Barbara Stocklager
Tombstone of Catherine Waymire Tombstone of Daniel Waymire, Junior Tombstone of Daniel Waymire;   
Polk Grove Cemetery Tombstone of Davis Waymire Tombstone of Elizabeth Hoover Boone
Hoover Bulla Cemetery, Richmond, Indiana Tombstone of Elmira Allen Tombstone of George Stricklin and Clara Day Stricklin Tombstone of Henry and Maria (Roderick) Gotschall Tombstone of Henry Harrison Sinks Tombstone of Junius Gibbons
Tombstone of Martha McBride Knight Tombstone of Mary J. Shilts Tombstone of Polly Patton Tombstone of Rev. Isaac C. Waymire Tombstone of William and Meredith Haskett Tombstone of William Sinks Volentine Ulrich Headstone William & Rosina Walter

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