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'Aunt Rose and Uncle Carl Reynolds' 'Uncle Joe and Aunt Mary Walters' 1820 Sullivan County, Indiana Census
Isaac Patton--see second line 1850 Federal Census, Salem Township, Henry County, Iowa 1860 Plat Map of Aboite Township, Wayne County, Indiana 1861 England  Census
Louth, North Somercoates, Lincolnshire, England 1870 Federal Census, Aboite Township, Allen County, Indiana 1871 England Census
Louth, Lincolnshire, England 1871 England Census Report
North Somercoates, Louth, Lincolnshire, England 1871 Scotland Census
Craigneuk, Dalziel Parish, Lanarkshire, Scotland
1880 Federal Census, Lake township, Allen County, Indiana 1880 Federal Cess, Lake Township, Allen County, Indiana 1881 England Census
Birmingham, Warwickshire, England 1891 British Census
Location unknown 1891 Census--Wakefield, Yorkshire, England
Rose Ferns (Ferrin), Rose and Peter Snowden 1891 England Census
Utterby, Louth, Lincolnshire, England 1900 Federal Census of the National Military Hospital 1900 Federal Census, taken at the National Military Hospital near Marion, Indiana 1911 Census record
Family of Arthur Snowden 1922 Census, Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England
Arthur and Mary Ann (North) Snowden family
1930 Federal Census
Akron, Summit County, Ohio A brief history of John Rudolph Waymire, from the recent publication 'The Quest for John Rudolph Waymire' A brief history of Peter's early life A brief history of Reuben McBride A Brief History of the Hoover Family's Emmigration
Taken from 'The History of Montgomery County, Ohio' A charming photo of Edna as a young woman. A favourite poem...of Velma's A portion of...
British Census of 1891
Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, UK A Squaw Fight--1858
Adult Probation & Parole badge
1980 Affidavit of Mary Riley Walters Albert Flower, in later life All Saints Church
Goulceby, Lincolnshire, England All Saints Church Cemetery
Goulceby, Lincolnshire, England All Saints Church in Goulceby, Lincolnshire, England
Octagonal Medival Baptismal Font
All Saints Church, Goulceby, Lincolnshire, England Almira Knight headstone
North Kirtland Cemetery, Kirtland, Lake County, Ohio Alverstoke Parish Record
Marriage of Robert Emerson and Ann Found
Alverstoke, Hampshire, England Parish Records
Marriage of Robert Emerson and Ann Found
9 January 1811 Ancestry.com index of information for the ship Westphalia Ancestry.com index record showing Anne MacDougall Kane in the Scotland Census Ancestry.com listing of the military record of Henry Riley Andreas Huber Grave:  
Tabernacle Protestant Methodist Church Cemetery--
Randolph County, North Carolina Andrew Murdock Baptismal Index Record Andrew Smith Gibbons--Mormon Pioneer Andrew Snowden, ca. 1925
'Little Andrew' Andy and Ron 'pounding a door' in the Stroh's Brewery 'kettles' Andy and Velma, photo taken in 1995
Andy Snowden carrying ladder Andy Snowden in his 'dress blues'
About 1943--age about 24 Andy Snowden, about 1945 Andy Snowden, posed with M-1 Garand rifle, Brookley Field, Alabama Andy Snowden, United States Army Air Corps
Brookley Field, Alabama Andy Snowden--1940 Andy Snowden--about 1940 Andy, and a long forgotten famous boxer posing for a photograph preceding an on-base exhibition fight that evening.  Andy, Velma and Ronnie Snowden
Anita, Jeffrey and Collette Snowden
Children of Colin and Ida Snowden Annie Klemm Snowden
3 February 1941 Annie Murdock Snowden Army Attestation of Osmond Snowdin (sic) Aunt Lil Aunt Marie Matweychuk Yakush Aunt Mary Walters and her daughter's (Velma Rose) boyfriend from the east. Aunt Rose (Riley), josephine, Grandma Riley, and Joe Reynolds
Aunt Rose with Bill, James, Henry and Frederick Avatar of Albert Flower Babo (Grandma), Alice Sauve, Dick Sauve, Marie Yakush, Vera Hornie with arms over Dick Riley, Joe Riley, Velma Snowden with arms over Betty Marshall, and Kay Johnson with arms over Dolly (Valley) Deruy, Back view of the tombstones of John, Charlotte & Jonathon Johnson
Found in the St. James Church in Rigsby, Lincolnshire Baptism of Ann and Thomas Snowden
Goulceby Parish Records
29 March 1801 Baptism of Ellen Elizabeth Michael
17 June 1875, North Somercotes, Lincolnshire Parish Record Baptism of Ellen Elizabeth Michael
June 17, 1875 Baptism of George Edgar Snowden
North Somercotes Parish Records, Lincolnshire, England
February 29, 1864
Baptism of Osmon Edin Snowden
North Somecotes Parish, Lincolnshire, England Baptism of Richard Hodgson
Goulceby Parish Records
Lincolnshire, England Baptism of Thomas Laydor
September 8, 1749 Baptism record for Hedley Emerson Snowden
North Somercotes parish record
8 January 1857 Baptismal Font 
St. Edith's Church Baptismal record of Margaret Snowden
18 September 1664 Baptismal record of Susannah Snowden
Manby Parish Record, 17 August 1806 Baptismal record--Elizabeth Snowden
17 February 1799 Baptisman certification of Mary Matilda Reilley. Beryl Klemm, Phyllis Snowden, Roy Cook & Allen Cook

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