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1820 Sullivan County, Indiana Census
Isaac Patton--see second line 1850 Federal Census, Salem Township, Henry County, Iowa 1861 England  Census
Louth, North Somercoates, Lincolnshire, England 1870 Federal Census, Aboite Township, Allen County, Indiana 1871 England Census
Louth, Lincolnshire, England 1871 England Census Report
North Somercoates, Louth, Lincolnshire, England 1871 Scotland Census
Craigneuk, Dalziel Parish, Lanarkshire, Scotland 1880 Federal Census, Lake township, Allen County, Indiana 1880 Federal Cess, Lake Township, Allen County, Indiana 1881 England Census
Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
1891 British Census
Location unknown 1891 England Census
Utterby, Louth, Lincolnshire, England 1900 Federal Census of the National Military Hospital 1900 Federal Census, taken at the National Military Hospital near Marion, Indiana 1911 Census record
Family of Arthur Snowden 1922 Census, Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England
Arthur and Mary Ann (North) Snowden family 1930 Federal Census
Akron, Summit County, Ohio A brief history of Peter's early life A portion of...
British Census of 1891
Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, UK Adult Probation & Parole badge
Affidavit of Mary Riley Walters Alverstoke Parish Record
Marriage of Robert Emerson and Ann Found Alverstoke, Hampshire, England Parish Records
Marriage of Robert Emerson and Ann Found
9 January 1811 Ancestry.com listing of the military record of Henry Riley Andrew Murdock Baptismal Index Record Baptism of Ann and Thomas Snowden
Goulceby Parish Records
29 March 1801 Baptism of Ellen Elizabeth Michael
17 June 1875, North Somercotes, Lincolnshire Parish Record Baptism of Ellen Elizabeth Michael
June 17, 1875 Baptism of George Edgar Snowden
North Somercotes Parish Records, Lincolnshire, England
February 29, 1864 Baptism of Osmon Edin Snowden
North Somecotes Parish, Lincolnshire, England
Baptism of Richard Hodgson
Goulceby Parish Records
Lincolnshire, England Baptism of Thomas Laydor
September 8, 1749 Baptism record for Hedley Emerson Snowden
North Somercotes parish record
8 January 1857 Baptismal record of Margaret Snowden
18 September 1664 Baptismal record of Susannah Snowden
Manby Parish Record, 17 August 1806 Baptismal record--Elizabeth Snowden
17 February 1799 Baptisman certification of Mary Matilda Reilley. Biography of Phillip Younce Birth Certificate of Harold Thompson Birth Certificate of Minnie Charlotte Snowden
Birth Certificate of William Smith Snowden
Son of Richard Snowden and Ann Smith Birth entry for George Edgar Snowden
Source:  Scotland's People.com Birth of Thomas Snowden Birth record of Eliza
Daughter of Robert and Hannah Emerson Birth record of Erasmus Xavier Fries Birth record of Francis Xavier Fries, taken from French Archives. Birth record of Minnie Charlotte Johnson Birth records of Marie Suzanne and Rose Fries Birth Registration
Christopher Thomas Kearney Birth Registration Certificate
Harold Thompson
Birth Registration Certificate
Minnie Charlotte Johnson Border Crossing of Alexander Murdoch
Windsor, Ontario to Detroit, Michigan
3 May 1925 Burial of John Thomas Snowden
Horncastle Parish Record
February 12, 1850 Burial of William Snowden
May 26, 1798
Manby, Lincolnshire, England, UK Burial record of Dorilas Alfred Snowden
January 15, 1887
Richmond Parish, Surry, England Burial record of Elizabeth Dixon
3 March 1840
South Cockerington Parish, Lincolnshire, England Burial record of Thomas Dixon
Cockering St. Leonard Parish
Cockerington, Lincolnshire, England Burial Record of William Snowden (b 1731)
Manby, Lincolnshire Parish Record Burial Record, Eliza Snowden
Manby, Lincolnshire--1867 Burial Records of William and Eliza
Certified Birth Entry for Minnie Charlotte Johnson Certified coy of marriage license and 'return' documenting the marriage of Christiann and JOhn.  Date of marriage was 28 March 1858.

Certified death certificate of Christia Hoover Hedrick Certified Marriage Certified for Emerson Snowden and Ann Hufton. Children of Colin and Ida Snowden Christening of Elizabeth
11 August 1805 Christening of Elizabeth Snowden
6 March 1639 Compilation of records--   DAR of Fayette County, Indiana Could this be our John William Miller?
Court Docket--Appeal
George E. Russel charged with Battery Death Certificate
Jacob Calvin Overmier Death certificate for Andrew Jackson Hoover Death Certificate for William Murdock Death Certificate of Adaline Knight Belnap Death Certificate of Amasa Belnap Death Certificate of Andrew Murdock Death Certificate of Ann Graham Murdock Death Certificate of Ann Smith Snowden
Died December 2, 1856 at East Gate, Louth, Lincolnshire, England Death Certificate of Clara Matilda Day Stricklin
Death Certificate of Francis Marion Belnap Death Certificate of George E. Stricklin Death Certificate of Gilbert Rosel Belnap Death Certificate of Hyrum Belnap Death certificate of John Hedrik Death Certificate of john Lamb Gibbons Death Certificate of John Lamb Gibbons Death Certificate of Joseph F. Hoover Death certificate of Joseph L. Riley Death Certificate of Minnie Charlotte Johnson Thompson
Death Certificate of Minnie Charlotte JohnsonThompson Death Certificate of Oliver Belnap Death Certificate of Osman Edward Snowden
Sandwich, Essex County, Ontario Official Records Death Certificate of Reuben Belnap Death Certificate of Richard Snowden
Died 6 August 1912 at Louth, Lincolnshire, England Death Certificate of Sarah (McCulloch) Murdock Death Certificate of Therissa Eversole Overmier Death Certificate of Vinson Knight Belnap Death Certificate of William Smith Snowden
8 April 1929 Death Registration
Dorilas Alfred Snowden

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