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151 10 children RATLIFF, Margaret (I2497)
152 10 children WAYMIRE, Sarah (I2973)
153 10 living children JANSEN, Julia L (I10504)
154 102- Federal Census, Ross, Pike County Illinois. LAPPIN, Carrie Oma (I5283)
155 103 years old at time of death HURD, Martha (I3303)
156 11 children Mary Waymire (I1996)
157 11 children HUTCHENS, Hannah (I2029)
158 11 children BOSWELL, Rebecca (I2427)
159 11 children STANGLE, Freda L. (I2931)
160 11900 Census, Apache, St. John’s Precinct, Arizona GIBBONS, Richard Burgess (I1207)
161 12 children HARVEY, Rebecca (I2091)
162 12 children WILD, Jane Adeline (I11474)
163 12:12PM actual, 12:20 PMlegal time of death: Henry Ford Hospital RILEY, Velma Ruth (I4)
164 13 children WAYMIRE, Elizabeth (I2032)
165 14 children KOONS, Aley (I2079)
166 14 February 1893
John Johnson and Minnie C. Johnson
he Marriage Certificate states that George Henry Johnson was 21 years and his wife Eliza Moody was 19
years. George was living at Tows, Ludford and Eliza is described as late of Kelstern, but now residing at 1
Little South Street, Louth. Her father James Moody is deceased and was a farm labourer. 
Family F5829
167 14 January 2009: Reported by Betty Marshall, wife, that Jim fell and broke his ankle early in the morning; which was followed by a heart attack that took his life. Jim had been in poor health for several years, suffering from heart ailments and other age-related issues.

Jim served in the Marines during World War II; and was wounded at least once. His service and action was in the Pacific Theatre. After returning to civilian life, Jim smoked up to four packs of cigarettes a day. One day he coughed severely, and quit. (At least that's the story that was told--which is likely true.)

Jim was a great husband and father; and a great American. 
MARSHALL, James Gisborn (I164)
168 14 Priory Road, Louth--see birth certificate JOHNSON, Dinah Mabel (I8315)
169 15 children WAYMIRE, Rebecca (I2034)
170 16 Dales Terrace, Brackenborough Road, Louth, Lincs JOHNSON, William (I8876)
171 17 St. Bernardes Avenue--see death certificate JOHNSON, George Edward (I8870)
172 170 per Merle Rummel Family F3469
173 1710 could be in error CHENEY, Ruth (I6048)
174 1790 Census - no Stair family in VA, but was a John Stair family in PA on page 87.
1800 Census - Frederick Stair and Jonathon Stair - Hamilton in PA.
1810 Census - Henry Stair in Botourt Co., VA. This was the only Stair and he had the following with him:
3 males 0-10 yo, 1 male 10-16, 2 males 16-26, 1 male 26-45; 1 female 0-10 yo, 1 fem. 10-16, 1 fem.
26-45; 1 slave
1820 Census - 2 m 0-10 yo, 1 m 10-16, 1 m 16-18, 2 m 18-26, 1 m 49+; 1 f 0-10 yo, 1 f 10-16, 1 f 45+
1830 Census - 1 m 0-10, 3 m 15-20, 1 m 60-70; 1 f 5-10, 1 f 10-15, 1 f 15-20, 1 f 40-50.
1840 Census - 1 m 60-70; 1 f 60-70
1850 Census - Henry 81, and Mary 78

Stair Sr. was a tinker or millwright and was hired by Mr. Landis (big property owner in PA.) to build or repair a flour mill he owned. This Stair fell in love with the Landis daughter and they eloped. They turned up in the Shenendoah Valley of VA some 30 miles north of Roanoke.

STAIR, Johann Henry Sr. (I10998)
175 18 Dales Terrace, Brackenborough Road, Louth, Lincolnshire JOHNSON, Dinah Mabel (I8315)
176 1802 Binbrook, Lincolnshire
1827 Marriage to Susannah in Manby, Lincolnshire
1851 Manby, Lincolnshire
1861 Manby, Lincolnshire
1871 Grimoldby, Lincolnshire
ENDERBY, Charles (I12636)
177 1829 Manby
1841 Manby
1851 Manby
1857 Manby (Marriage)
1861 Grainthorpe, Lincolnshire
1871 Grainthorpe
1881 Grimoldby, Lincolnshire
1891 Grimoldby
1901 Grimoldby
1910 Death, age 81
ENDERBY, John (I12637)
178 1840 Federal Census
Bethlehem, Stark County, Ohio
Jacob A. Eversole. Males 1/ under 5 1/10-15 1/20-30
Females 1/15-20
~NOTE! No female over 15-20 shown. (Catherine Younkman appears to be this person--marriage in 1839)
~NOTE! Listed above Jacob Eversole is John Younkman; and above John is Daniel Younkman. Therefore, the
Younkmans were long established friends of the Eversoles--likely meeting them in Stark County, Ohio. The family
story of the Eversoles being friends with the Millers appears likely to be incorrect--but that family association does
appear to be true with the Eversoles and Younkmans.
~NOTE! The assumption is that the two children shown in the 1840 census were Levi and Therissa. Therissa should be reviewed for date of birth and possible death as an infant.
~NOTE! On page 13 of this census are listed another Jacob Younkman, Catharine Younkman, and Jacob Younkman.
~NOTE! Birth location for Jacob A. Eversole varies by census from Maryland to Pennsylvania.
EVERSOLE, Jacob A (I10028)
179 1841 England Census
Market Stainton, North Gartree, Lincolnshire, England
Snowden, William Head 35 Lincolnshire, England Ag. Labour
Snowden, Eliza Wife 35
Snowden, Emerson Son 15 Lincolnshire, England
Snowden, Eliza Dau 13 Lincolnshire, England
Snowden, George Son 10 Lincolnshire, England
Snowden, William Son 7 Lincolnshire, England
Snowden, Emma Dau 5 Lincolnshire, England
Snowden, Vilet Son 3 Lincolnshire, England
Snowden, Ester Dau 1 Lincolnshire, England
NOTE! Snowden was spelled as "Snowdon"
1851 England Census
Louth, North Ormsby, District 19 Lincolnshire, England
Snowden, William Head 49 Shepherd Legborn**
Snowden, Eliza Wife 43 British Subject
Snowden, William Son Ag lab Caulkwell, Lincolnshire
Snowden, Vilet Son 13 Ag boy Cockrington, Lincolnshire
Snowden, Heaster Dau 11 Lamcroft, Lincolnshire
Snowden, Ephraim Son 8 Satley, Lincolnshire
Snowden, Thomas Son 6 Satley, Lincolnshire
Snowden, Ellin Dau 4 Thorfby, Lincolnshire
Snowden, EmmelyDau 6 mos North Ormsby, Lincolnshire

** This census return indicates William was born in Legborn--which is located about 1.5 miles from North Reston. His christening was at
the St. Edith's Church in North Reston--making perfect sense that Legbourne (current spelling) was his actual place of birth. Unfortunately,
this is contradicted in the 1861 census where North Reston was listed as his place of birth.
1861 England Census
Louth, North Somercoates, Lincolnshire, England
Snowden, William 56 b. North Reston, Lincolnshire, England
Snowden, Eliza 52 b. Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
Snowden, Ellen 13 b. Raithby, Lincolnshire, England

1841 census for Market Stainton includes William and Eliza. it lists William's birth as about 1806. This appears to be in error, as other census returns place his age as older.
1841 b 1806
1851 b 1802
1861 b 1805
1871 Died in 1866
Civil registration began in England in 1837, and parish records were available prior to that year. Based upon census returns and other documents, William's place of birth was North Reston,, Lincs; and the only birth alluded to in the North Reston Parish was the BTS of the christening of William in 1803. Some evidence exists that may place his birth at 1801.

Computer printout of North Reston, Lincolnshire,England:
Births and christenings, A through Z, 1563-1812, FHL British Fiche # 6907851.
Record gives the christening date as 20 Nov 1803, and lists William as the son of Thomas Snowden and Elizabeth. Additional parish records and census enumerations show William Snowdon as the father of Vilet and Emma Snowden; with William being christened in 1803. There appears to be sufficient correlation between known data to reasonably conclude that Thomas and Eliza are the parents of William Snowdon; and William is the father of Vilet and Emma.
William died in Manby, Lincs. When reviewing the Lincolnshire GenWeb Project at


I have taken note of a William Snowden making a contribution "...towards the assistance of Government in its present defence against our inveterate foe the French." This William Snowden was born in 1801, and the list of contributors was made in 1798, There seems to be a potential connection, given both the name of both William Snowdens; and the fact that they are both associated with the hamlet of Manby. Further research is warranted.
Death:- Entry No 380 - Page 76 - District of Saltfleet - On 13 July 1866 at
Manby, Lincolnshire William SNOWDEN, aged 65 years, Farm Labourer. Cause of
Death Accidental falling from a cart onto the road. Death Registered by
Coroner, Information recieved from Thomas SHARPLEY MD Coroner for the County
of Lincoln. Inquest held 13th day of July 1866. Registered on 16 July 1866.
John GOULD Registrar. (Death Certificate)


William Snowden, christened 20 Nov 1803 in North Reston, Lincolnshire, England
St. Ediths Church
Parents were Thomas and Elizabeth Snowdon.
LDS Church, IGI Batch C030581 1563-1812, 1817-1836
Printout Call Number ==6907851
North Reston is a small village about seven miles southward from Louth. The church is a modern structure, dedicated to St. Edith. The living is a discharged vicarage, rated in the King's Books at 4 Pounds 11 Shillings, endowed with a 200 Pound royal bounty. Mrs. Jackson was patroness in 1827. In this village is also a place of worship for Wesleyan Methodists. According the the Parlimentary returns of 1821, this parish contained only 6 houses, and 46 inhabitants. (Source unknown--but was from a very old publication--dating back to the early 1800's.
Baptism: 20 November 1803, North Reston, Lincolnshire
Cause of Death: Accidentally falling from a cart onto the road.
Census: 1851, North Ormsby, Lincolnshire
Medical Information: Fell off cart onto hard road pitching onto his head. Remained unconscious until death
Occupation: 02 April 1838, Labourer - South Cockerington
Husband: William Snowden
Born: in: Died: in: Source:
Relationship with Father: Relationship with Mother: Reference number:
Baptism: Census: Occupation:
WILLIAM SNOWDEN - International Genealogical Index Gender: Male Christening:- 20 November 1803 North Reston, Lincoln, England.
Census 1841 Market Stainton, Lincolnshire - HO107/645 - Folio 5 - Page 4 William SNOWDEN 35 Agricultural Lab Yes### Eliza SNOWDEN 35 No Emerson SNOWDEN 15 Yes
Eliza SNOWDEN 13 Yes George SNOWDEN 10 Yes William SNOWDEN 7 Yes
Ephraim SNOWDEN Son Thomas SNOWDEN Son Ellin SNOWDEN Dau 4 Emmely SNOWDEN Dau
8 bn. Sotby, Lincolnshire 6 bn. Sotby, Lincolnshire
bn. Thoresby, Lincolnshire 6mths bn. North Ormsby, Lincolnshire
Abt. 1804 North Reston, Lincolnshire 13 July 1866 Manby, Lincolnshire (Death Certificate) Death Certificate of William SNOWDEN (father of Emerson), Entry No 380 - Page 76 - District of Saltfleet, On 13 July 1866 at Manby, Lincolnshire William SNOWDEN, aged 65 years, Farm Labourer. Cause of Death Accidental falling from a cart onto the road. Death Registered by Coroner, Information recieved from Thomas SHARPLEY MD Coroner for the County of Lincoln. Inquest held 13th day of July 1866. Registered on 16 July 1866. John GOULD Registrar. Thomas Snowden - Natural Elizabeth - Natural 85
20 November 1803 North Reston, Lincolnshire 1851 North Ormsby, Lincolnshire 02 April 1838 Labourer - South Cockerington
1841 census: William is listed in the 1841 census for the parish of Market Stainton. Eliza is his wife, being the same age (35). Children are Emerson (Abt 1826), Eliza (Abt 1828) , George (Abt 1831) William (Abt 1834) Emma (Abt 1836) and Vilot (Abt 1841). Dates of birth are not stated. Occupation is given as an agricultural worker.
1851 England Census
North Ormsby, Lincolnshire, England--District 19
Snowden, William Head 49 Shepard Lincs
Snowden, Eliza Wife 43 British Subject
Snowden, William Son 14 Ag Lab Cockrington, Lincs
Snowden, Vilet Son 13 Ag Lab Cockerington, Lincs
Snowden, Heaster Dau 11 Laomcroft, Lincolnshire (North Ormsby/Louth)
Snowden, Eferam Son 8 Satley, Lincolnshire, England
Snowden, Ellin Dau 4 Thorfby, Lincolnshire, England
Snowden, Emmely Dau 6 mo North Ormsby, Lincolnshire, England
1861 England Census
Saltfleet, Louth, North Somercoates, Lincolnshire, England
Snowden, William Head Married 56 Shepherd North Reston, Lincolnshire, England
Snowden, Eliza Wife Married 52 Shepherd Wife Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
Snowden, Ellen Dau Un 13 Shepherd Dau Raithby, Lincolnshire, England
1871 England Census
North Somercoates, Lincolnshire, England
Snowden, Emerson Head Widow 44 Cordwainer V ??? Owner Lincolnshire, Scamblesby
Snowden, Darilar A. Son Unmarr. 20 Joiner (Journeyman) Lincolnshire, North Somercoates
Snowden, Emerson H Son Unmarr. 11 Scholar Lincolnshire, North Somercoates
Snowden, Minna C Dau Unmarr 9 Scholar Lincolnshire, North Somercoates
Snowden, George E Son Unmarr 7 Scholar Lincolnshire, North Somercoates
Snowden, William H Son Unmarr 3 Lincolnshire, North Somercoates
Michael, Eliza H-K Unmarr 34 Housekeeper Lincolnshire, North Somercoates
Michael, Anna E. Dau 1



Letter from Shirley Berry:


William Snowden died on Friday 13th July, 1866 as a result of falling from a
cart. The Louth Advertiser dated 14th July, 1866 reported an incident when
Mr. Hodgson was loading a cart and the horse was startled and bolted and
broke the shafts, but no one was injured.  The Louth Advertiser dated 21st
July, 1866 reports a Fatal Accident at Manby and reads as follows:-On Friday
the 13th Instant, a coroner's inquest was held at the Plough Inn at Manby,
before Thomas Sharpley, Esq.,Coroner for the district, and a respectable
jury. on the body of William Snowden, a labourer in the employ of Mr.
Hodgson, of Cockerington aged 65 years.  It appeared in evidence that the
poor man's daughter was to be married, and in preparation he was about
proceeding to Louth with some furniture in a cart.  Whilst packing the goods
the horse made a sudden start, and he unfortunately fell off the load on to
the hard road, pitching upon his head.  When picked up he was in a state of
insensability, and remained so up to the time of his death, which resulted
in four hours after the accident.  Verdict, "Accidental Death"

SNOWDEN, William (I941)
180 1850 census Mary (I4910)
181 1850 Census of Pittsylvania County, Virginia. Went to Indiana after that.
1852--Record of /thomas Heddrick in Green County, Missouri 
HEDRICK, Thomas (I7049)
182 1850 census says Ohio YOUNT, Elam (I1911)
183 1850 Census--Northern District, Pittsylvania County, Virginia HEDRICK, Rebecca (I7251)
184 1850 Fayette Co., Indiana census HOOVER, Nancy (I494)
185 1850 Hamilton County, Indiana Census. Mary is age 50, born in North Carolina
1880 Hamilton County, Indiana Census, Adams Twp. Mary is age 84, born in North Carolina, living with daughter Drusilla. 
Mary Ann (I5151)
186 1851 Census for Binbrook, Lincolnshire--age 73
MILLNER, Frances (I12910)
187 1851 Census has Richard Hufton working as an Apprentice Shoemaker in Billinghay; for Abraham Wilson. HUFTON, Richard Jr. (I8375)
188 1851--Butcher:
In the 1851 census an Elizabeth Snowden is listed living in the household, with a title of Servant. She is not, as stated on Ancestry, a daughter of Richard and Ann because of her age. Her place of birth isa Holton Holgate
SNOWDEN, Richard (I10709)
189 1860 > TENNESSEE > JEFFERSON > NO TWP LISTED Series: M653 Roll: 1258 Page: 473 SIMMONS WM 72 M W NC R 65 F W NC H. H. 18 M W TN S. A. 23 F W TN SIMMONS, William (I3523)
190 1860 & 1870 census states b. in Ohio. PATTON, Miles Norris (I1616)
191 1860 Census, New Bern, Craven Co, North Carolina TOOKER, Haywood Henry (I2610)
192 1860 Federal Census: Washington Township, Cass County, Indiana
Martin G. Roderick 31 farmer Fredrick County, Maryland
Catharine Roderick 25 Maryland
John A. 4 Cass County, Indiana
Mahlow 5 Cass County, Indiana
Daniel L. 1 Cass County, Indiana

1870 Federal Census: Washington Township, Cass County, Indiana:
M.G. Roderick, Head 42 Farmer Maryland
Catharine Wife 35 Keeps house Maryland
Mahlow H Son 16 At home Indiana
John Son 14 At home Indiana
Ellen Dau 6 At home Indiana

1880 Census, Washington Township, Cass County, Indiana: Children are Ellin and George. Both parents were from Maryland. 
RODERICK, Martin G. (I1087)
193 1860 Hamilton, IN census
Publication: micros fillm # 803, 263
Note: Laura is age 12, born IN. 
DUNN, Laura (I5155)
194 1860 Wayne County, Indiana census indicates Lydia born in Delaware VAUGHN, Mrs. Lydia Z (I2203)
195 1860 Wayne County, Indiana census VAUGHN, Edward G. (I3936)
196 1861 census identifies place of birth--see 1861 census in Notes. SNOWDEN, William (I941)
197 1861 census identifies place of irth SNOWDEN, Ellen (I7691)
198 1861 residence--death residence??: arsh Chapel,Lincolnshire, England. SNOWDEN, Esther (I214)
199 1870 -Rachel Davis , Richland Co., P.O. Fairview, granddaughter, Martha Day living with her.  Martha is the daughter of Alfred & Mary Combs Day.
       ETHEL"S Fam. Notes states that Rachel was buried in Parkersburg, ILL.
Email from Virginia--jvmal@mchsi.com
We had a great trip to Fairfield, Olney, Parkersburg,  and Albion, Illinois "rootin', diggin' and connectin'"   to Thomas & Rachel Watts Day's younger son, Alfred, brother to Thomas, William and Edwin.
We found their monument in the Oak Hill Cemetery, Parkersburg, Illinois.  Rachel Watts Day Davies is listed in their directory as Rachel Davis, located beside or near Alfred & Mary BUT there was no monument!!!  SHE DESERVES A MONUMENT!!!  More about this later.  Alfred & Mary had 2 sons and 2 daughters.  One son, Albert, had no children and the other son, Theodore had a daughter, Lola.  No descendants with last name of DAY.  We connected with descendants of LOLA Day Huchel and with descendants of Martha Ann Day Hallam Bear 's daughter, Mabel Bear.  All these cousins are friendly, nice people!!!  We have pictures & stories which I will share with you all later.
God Bless and have a wonderful day!!
cousin,  Virginia
DAY, Martha Ann (I11236)
Series: M593 Roll: 322 Page: 377
Seely 38 NC
Ellen 18 IN
William 13 IN
Charity 10 IN
Eliza 8 IN
Elizabeth 6 IN
Laura 3 IN
Jesse 9/12 IN
1880 Census Place: Guilford, Hendricks, Indiana
Source: FHL Film 1254283 National Archives Film T9-0283 Page
Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace
Irdell SIMMONS Self M M W 52 NC
Occ: Farmer Fa: NC Mo: NC
Selia SIMMONS Wife F M W 50 NC
Occ: House Keeper Fa: NC Mo: NC
Ellen W. SIMMONS Dau F S W 24 IN
Occ: At Home Fa: NC Mo: NC
William SIMMONS Son M S W 21 IN
Occ: On Farm Fa: NC Mo: NC
Annie SIMMONS Dau F S W 19 IN
Occ: At Home Fa: NC Mo: NC
Jennie SIMMONS Dau F S W 17 IN
Occ: School Fa: NC Mo: NC
Lizzie SIMMONS Dau F S W 15 IN
Occ: School Fa: NC Mo: NC
Janie SIMMONS Dau F S W 12 IN
Occ: School Fa: NC Mo: NC
Jessey SIMMONS Son M S W 9 IN
Occ: School Fa: NC Mo: NC
Rosie SIMMONS Dau F S W 4 IN
Occ: Home 
SIMMONS, Iredell (I3568)

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