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301 2 children GILMORE, Mahala E. (I2023)
302 2 children STALEY, Mrs. Mary Ann (I2030)
303 2 children WESTFALL, Nettie (I2120)
304 2 children WRIGHT, Susan H. (I2194)
305 2 children GIDDINGS, Laura (I2228)
306 2 children SANDERS, Mary N. (I2272)
307 2 children FOUTS, Mary (I2321)
308 2 children PRICE, Minerva (I2354)
309 2 children BROWN, Martha J. (I2364)
310 2 children ATKINS, Maria R, (I2377)
311 2 children GARRETTSON, Angelina (I2455)
312 2 children MACY, Mahala (I2480)
313 2 children KINLEY, Jane (I2490)
314 2 children MOSER, Bethia (I2517)
315 2 children FURNAS, Mary (I2518)
316 2 children KINLEY, Sarah (I2523)
317 2 children COOK, Martha (I2536)
318 2 children CATHCART, Ada (I2577)
319 2. Marriage Certificate - Emerson SNOWDEN & Mary KEAN(KANE), Page 39 Register Office Register Louth, Lincolnshire. Entry No 77.
Family F3
320 2/3/11--Not found in Florida marriages--Familysearch.com
Family F149
321 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I12409)
322 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I12408)
323 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I12411)
324 2013--currently living in Conway, Arkansas
BELL (I12931)
325 2013--currently living in Conway, Arkansas
326 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I10718)
327 2240 Elwood
Berkley, Michigan 48072
Lived in Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan.
See obituary of Janet (mother)
STONICK, Sally Ann (I1523)
328 24 Cromwell Road, Great Grimsby - 1901 census

Name of a possible first wife is Donna Maddison.

Email from Roy Saxby on 12 Mar 2014

Hi Again Ron,
Further research has taken placetoday but first:
RE Mary Elizabeth Nicholson and Arthur Saxby ( my paternal grandparents)
Mary E was the brother of Walter. There is no Mary L Nicholson. This is incorrectly recorded on the 1881 Census. She never had a twin called Eric (my mistake somewhere along the line, sorry)
Mary and Walter were the children of William Nicholson and Martha Jane Maddison.
William and Martha married In the June quarter of 1891 in the Louth district ref 7a 1228.
Mary E was born 1 October 1892.
Walter was christened on June 17th 1894.
Martha died at the age of 25 years September quarter 1894. in the Louth district ref 7a 293.
William Nicholson remarried to Harriet Snowden abt 1896 and had a further 8 Children of which two died. (as per information sent) yesterday.
So, Mary and Walter are not connected to the Snowdens. Am not sure if we Saxby's are through the William Nicholson/Harriet Snowden Line.
Hope this is clear.
Best regards
Hi Ron,
Thanks for the email, sorry it has taken me so long to reply.
I actually contacted you through your web site as I was doing a search on my grandmother and just happened to come across it.
I hadn't done anything for quite a long time but recently have started up again and am starting to brush off the rust.
I have since been on your sight and notice that some of the info you have is from my Genes Reunited stuff. That sight is a bit out of date now though.
I was in our local library yesterday and discovered that my grandmother Mary Elizabeth Saxby (Nicholson) had 7 siblings.(1911 census) Previously I only thought there was just one, Walter.
So in 1911 They lived at 45 Roberts Street, Grimsby. with 6 rooms in the dwelling
William Head age 41, Ice factory labourer. b Great Carlton
Harriet (Snowden)Wife age 41. b. South Elkington
Walter son 16.  'Tanners' ?? Labourer. b Oxcombe, Horncastle
Lilly E. age 9. b Grimsby
James age 8. b Grimsby.
Frank L age 6. b Grimsby
Anny L age 4. b Grimsby
John G age 2. b Grimsby
Dorris M age 1. b Grimsby
Total years married - 15 (Therefore married in 1896)
Also Total children born alive to present marriage,
Total Children born alive - 8
Children still living - 6
Children who died - 2
As you can see this is a bit confusing as there are 8 children still alive, (Mary Elizabeth) is not on this page, and two died making a total of 10 children.
I cant find a Mary Elizabeth Nicholson ( or a Mary L Nicholson) on the 1911 census but she appears on the 1901 census of 145 Cromwell Road with William, Harriet and Walter as Mary L Nicholson. 
Harriet died in 1946 aged 76 in Grimsby.
Unless Mary and Walter were from a previous marriage (Donna? Maddison)
Mary was born in 1892 and Walter in 1895 both before the marriage of William and Harriet.
I cant find any person on Free BMD re the marriage of William to a Maddison. Though there is a birth in 1871 of a Katharine Dorothy Maddison (would be 1 years difference between her and William) and her death in 1895 aged 23 years in Spilsby. No record of any marriage though.
Think I might have to get a copy of Mary's birth certificate to find out who the mother was.
Best regards
Roy (Saxby)
NICHOLSON, William (I7730)
329 24 Cromwell Road, Great Grimsby - 1901 census Died in an old folks home. Eleanor house, Eleanor street, Grimsby Lincolnshire. A few months short of her 100th birthday. Was the twin of Eric.
I have gotten back into some family history after sometime out and have, amongst others, been looking at the Nicholsons and in particular my grandmother Mary Elizabeth Saxby (Nicholson) and have discovered that her mother was Martha Jane Maddison who was married to William Nicholson as his first wife. Martha died at the age of 25 (September quarter Louth District 7a page 293)  Less than a year after the birth of Walter George and 3 years after the birth of my gran.
I remember gran talking about her stepmother and expressing that she didn't like her. She never, as far as I remember, mentioned any stepbrothers or sisters but she did speak about Walter of whom I have no information about. (yet) Though she did say he worked at the Covenham Mill (yet to be confirmed)
I vaguely remember  when we were very small kids someone called Lilly visiting my grans and there is something lurking in the back of my mind of us visiting her house which as I remember was within walking distance of gran and granddads house in Weelsby Street. We called her Aunt Lilly but thought she was a friend of grans. It may be that Lilly was one of grans half sisters. Maybe I can find something out about her eventually (and the rest of Williams second family)
Ron Snowden in America has a very extensive tree containing the Nicholsons and the Snowdens  (Harriet Snowden was Williams second wife)
Maybe we can meet up when you arrive in sunny, at the moment, Lincolnshire.
All the best
Roy (Saxby)

NICHOLSON, Mary Elizabeth (I7731)
330 282 S. Washington Street UNSER, Catherine (I5323)
331 2:40 am, at the Western Infirmary. Source: Certified copy of death registration. KANE, Mary (I39)
332 2nd place of birth is Kokomo, Indiana STAHL, David Richard (I1701)
333 2nd quarter SNOWDEN, Frederick (I7723)
334 2nd quarter of 1915--Caistor, Lincolnshire. Volume 7a, page 1203 SNOWDEN, Lucy (I12360)
335 2nd Quarter--FreeBMD index-- Spilsby Book 7a, page 1075 Family F6231
336 2nd quarter--GRO Birth Registration, Vol 7a, page 596 SNOWDEN, Arthur James (I7726)
337 2nd Quarter--see 1901 census/freebmd PAUL, Mary Hannah Thornell (I7725)
338 2nd quarter--See Birth Registration Index (Louth) SNOWDEN, Emerson Hufton (I81)
339 3 Abbey Road, Grimsby JOHNSON, Minnie Charlotte (I2596)
340 3 children

Name of person was originally located as Ellen Allen. Tombstone, with same dates as for Ellen, shows Elmira M. as this individuals name. Assumption made that Ellen was a nickname. 
ALLEN, Elmira M. (I2998)
341 3 Children MACY, Phoebe (I1972)
342 3 children COX, Anna (Yount) (I2009)
343 3 children WINSHIP, Amanda (I2011)
344 3 children COLSON, Frances (I2038)
345 3 children BULLA, Esther (I2147)
346 3 children HOOVER, Susan (I2161)
347 3 children HOOVER, Sarah (I2179)
348 3 children HOOVER, Anna (I2188)
349 3 children HEAGY, Henrietta (I2215)
350 3 children FINCH, Anna Elizabeth (I2227)

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