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1—First record at this time is the 1841 Market Stainton, Lincs census of William Snowden and wife Eliza. Census included reference to their children. William and Eliza are listed as both being 35 years old, placing their birth dates at about 1806. Census states William was born in Lincs, with no place of birth given for Eliza 2—The 1851 census of North Ormsby, Lincs contains similar information, with William age 49 (b. 1802) and born in Legbourne, Lincs. Document states Eliza was age 43, with no birth location other than “British Subject.” Her age is stated as 43, placing her date of birth as about 1808. 3—The 1861 census of North Somercotes, Lincs, places William's age as 56 (b. in abt 1805) and place of birth as North Reston (1.5 miles from Legbourne, previously stated in 1851). Eliza is listed as age 52 (b. 1808/9) and born in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England. [Commentary—Distance from Louth to Portsmouth is 183 miles. Portsmouth is a sea port town, apparently with a strong naval presence during this period. William was employed at the time of their marriage as a shepherd, and in 1861 as an agricultural worker. Clearly he was poor and uneducated; leading a rural lifestyle. ] 4—By the 1871 census both William and Eliza had passed away. Their lives were well documented though; with William's christening at the St. Ediths Parish and his death in Manby resulting from a fall well supported. Eliza's death appears well documented, but little is available concerning her birth. 5—Why she listed herself as a “British Subject” followed by being born in “Portsmouth, Hampshire, England” has previously been believed to be a result of being born out of wedlock. From memory, this may have been a result in my personal records from conversations with Ian McMillan concerning the genealogical investigation his father did. Other information coming from family members has convinced me of the accuracy of the current information on Eliza. However, considering Leslie Deane's treatise it appears perfectly plausible that in her early life—even after marriage—she may not have known where she was born. She, and all the players, likely did not read nor write well in their early years—making their birth place information inimportant, available nor needed. 6—How Eliza came to Louth, Lincolnshire is a question not likely to be answered. A review of an old English genealogy book states that in the 1800's Lincolnshire derived it's income from farming and fishing. Being located on the coast, it is possible that ships arrived and contact could have been made in this manner—should Eliza have been born in Portsmouth. It could be that Eliza made a visit to Louth from Portsmouth, and met William Snowden through family friends, or church attendance. 7—Leslie Deane references Dorilas Alfred Snowden in the 1851 census. He is identified as a girl, not a boy. But living alongside, according to the census, was Robert Emmerson and his wife Ann. Leslie implies this is a clue that Eliza could have been the daughter of Robert and Ann, not the illegitimate daughter of Eliza Emmerson born in August of 1776 in SOUTH Somercotes. [Restatement for clarity.] The mother of Eliza may have be living in the home adjacent to Eliza's son Emmerson Snowden. Robert and Ann would then be the grandparents of Emmerson Snowden. In the 1861 census Ann is living alone as a widow. I note that they both appear to be living at the same address; which likely indicates they were living communally. In future census returns Emmerson Snowden is listed as having the occupation of Cordwainer AND Cottager. A cottager is one who holds out living quarters for rent. It appears likely that there may have been several homes on the same property used for income production by Emmerson Snowden. The postulate of Leslie appears reasonable, and may be justified if additional evidence is forthcoming. 8-- Robert Emmerson (b 1777) appears in my personal genealogy as the brother of Richard Emmerson (b 1772). This is likely the christening date. Both were born in South Somercotes, Lincs; as the children of Richard Emmerson (b 1732) and Elizabeth Hutton. The mother of Eliza, named Elizabeth Emmerson, would have been their sister. Most genealogical websites suggest this Elizabeth is the mother of Eliza, wife of William Snowden. 9—A trusted website is the “Lincolnshire and Fenland Families” website maintained by Jacky Clark. This website gives the birthdates as follows: Richard (1732) 3 Dec 1732 in South Somercotes, Lincs Ann Snapes No information (first wife—married 7 Dec 1759 in S. Somercotes) Elizabeth Hutton No information (2nd wife—married 12 Nov 1771 in S. Somercotes) Robert 5 Oct 1777 in S. Somercotes Richard 20 Oct 1772 in S. Somercotes (his family information is provided too) Elizabeth 6 Sep 1776 in S. Somercotes John 18 Jun 1780 in S. Somercotes Given my confidence in the Lincolnshire and Fenland history, and the fact that my original dates for Robert and Richard were taken from an unsourced website, I will make a change and follow the L&F protocol for these people. 10—Ann Snapes, listed above as the wife of Richard Emmerson. Ann Snapes, b 12 Feb 1738 in St. Saviour, Surrey, Southwark Borough. Parents were Charles and Sarah Mary Ann Snapes, b 31 Oct 1739 in St. Mary at Lambeth, Surrey, Lambeth Borough Parents were John and Catharine Snapes Ann Snapes, c. 13 Jun 1730 at Westiminister, London Parents were Thomas and Elizabeth Snapes 11—Ann Snapes appears to be a strong possibility as a second wife of Richart 1732 because his marriage to Elizabeth Hutton in 1771 would make Richard 39 at the time of the marriage. However, having children with a prior wife would reasonably imply bringing children into the new marriage with Elizabeth; but those children do not show up. For now, it appears that Ann Snapes would best be left off this tree, until such evidence becomes known. [Revision] When searching Rootsweb I discovered Ann Snapes, only to learn that she was in my tree AND with a citation indicating the information came from Shirley Berry. Also provided was a death date and marriage date. The dates fell into line with Elizabeth Hutton, and the name was reinserted into my current database. 12—Elizabeth Hutton, wife of Richard Emmerson 1732. The Smith Family Tree 2010 Tree on Ancestry gives her birth as 1739; with parents named Joseph Hutton and Mary Wells. Birth years for the parents are 1703 for Joseph and 1704 for Mary. No sourcing is provided. No results were found on Genes Reunited.

Owner/SourceRon Snowden research
File nameInvestigation into claim of Leslie Deane that Eliza Snowden was the adopted daughter of Robert and Ann Emmerson.
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Linked toFamily: EMMERSON/FOUND (F116)

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