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'Aunt Rose and Uncle Carl Reynolds' 'Uncle Joe and Aunt Mary Walters' 1891 Census--Wakefield, Yorkshire, England
Rose Ferns (Ferrin), Rose and Peter Snowden A charming photo of Edna as a young woman. Albert Flower, in later life
All Saints Church
Goulceby, Lincolnshire, England All Saints Church Cemetery
Goulceby, Lincolnshire, England All Saints Church in Goulceby, Lincolnshire, England
Octagonal Medival Baptismal Font All Saints Church, Goulceby, Lincolnshire, England
Ancestry.com index of information for the ship Westphalia Ancestry.com index record showing Anne MacDougall Kane in the Scotland Census Andrew Smith Gibbons--Mormon Pioneer Andrew Snowden, ca. 1925
'Little Andrew' Andy and Ron 'pounding a door' in the Stroh's Brewery 'kettles' Andy and Velma, photo taken in 1995 Andy Snowden carrying ladder Andy Snowden in his 'dress blues'
About 1943--age about 24 Andy Snowden, about 1945
Andy Snowden, posed with M-1 Garand rifle, Brookley Field, Alabama Andy Snowden, United States Army Air Corps
Brookley Field, Alabama Andy Snowden--1940 Andy Snowden--about 1940 Andy, and a long forgotten famous boxer posing for a photograph preceding an on-base exhibition fight that evening.  Andy, Velma and Ronnie Snowden Anita, Jeffrey and Collette Snowden
Children of Colin and Ida Snowden Annie Klemm Snowden
3 February 1941
Annie Murdock Snowden Army Attestation of Osmond Snowdin (sic) Aunt Lil Aunt Marie Matweychuk Yakush Aunt Mary Walters and her daughter's (Velma Rose) boyfriend from the east. Aunt Rose (Riley), josephine, Grandma Riley, and Joe Reynolds Aunt Rose with Bill, James, Henry and Frederick
Avatar of Albert Flower Babo (Grandma), Alice Sauve, Dick Sauve, Marie Yakush, Vera Hornie with arms over Dick Riley, Joe Riley, Velma Snowden with arms over Betty Marshall, and Kay Johnson with arms over Dolly (Valley) Deruy, Baptismal Font 
St. Edith's Church Beryl Klemm, Phyllis Snowden, Roy Cook & Allen Cook Betty and Jim Marshall Betty Riley, photo taken in 1940 Betty Riley, wife of James Marshall, and William Marshall Betty, Richard and Valley (Dolly) Riley, about 1937 Bill (6), James and Fred (twins, 3) Marshall Bill Marshall
Bill Marshall with his father, William
Bill was home from Britain
Early to mid 1940's Bill Marshall, Ethel Richardson Marshall, June, Fred Marshall and Lillian & Franklin Nagel Bill Marshall, William's father Bill, in his military service years Birth Certificate of Quinton Wight Birth record of Eliza Michael (Osband)
June 21, 1836
North Somercotes Parish Records Brackenborough Hall
Bur--James Snowden, s/o Wm + Ann, 27 Feb 1784, Manby Bur-James Snowden, Farmer, Aged 82, 2 Feb 1783, Manby (B abt 1701)
Carthage Jail
Note 2nd story window and well Carthage Jail upper bedroom.  An LDS missionary is showing Linda Snowden through this historical building. Cary at the Osmond Studios Catharine (Ulerich) Fries with her children Catherine (Ulerich) Fries, son Henry Edward Fries, and daughter Rosella Matiilda (Fries) Regan. Catherine Fries--photo was taken from the Columbia City High School yearbook--the year of her graduation.
Catherine Roberta Elizabeth Watt
At age 18 Catherine Roberta Elizabeth Watt
Circa 1918, age about 25/26 Charles A Denzel is holding son Charles S. Denzel. Mabel Shoch Denzel is sitting on the knee of her uncle George Ehret. Ethel Schoch Horn is to the left and Viona Ehret Shoch is behind left of Ethel Children of Andrew and Rizpah--along with their grandchildren--that died within a three day period while traveling through Arizona.  More to be added later. Christena Hoover Hedrick Civil War Monument in front of the Whitley County Courthouse Colin George and Ida Amy (Lead) Snowden Colin George and Ida Amy Lead Snowden Colin George Snowden Colin George Snowden  (on left)
Circa 1920
Cousin Eddie
Unknown relative Dalziel Steel and Iron Works Buildings, ca 1995

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