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A Tribute to Andrew Smith Gibbons, Pioneer

A tall man, aged beyond his years, picked a hand-full of ripe peaches and held them toward his son. “LeRoy,” he said, “look at this fruit.” The boy took a golden peach, rubbed the fuzz off onto his trouser leg, and tried a juicy bite. “I've planted nine orchards since I left Illinois,” the father recalled, “ and this is the first time they've let me stay in one place long enough to pick the fruit.” This planter of orchards was a vigorous mane who spent his life subduing the wilderness. His family remember that, like Johnnie Appleseed, he always carried seeds in his saddlebags. Wherever he went on the changing frontier, he hopefully set them out, to leave behind a green legacy of fruit and field, of shade and beauty. But he planted more than orchards. He helped to set out seedling communities all the way from Illinois to Arizona—towns like Nauvoo, Kanesville, or Council Bluffs, Salt Lake City, Bountiful, Lehi, Cedar Cit, Santa Clara, Las Vegas, St. George, St. Thomas on the Muddy, Callville, Glendale, Moencopi, and St. Johns. In them he left the harvest of his own strong posterity: doctors, dentists, lawyers, educators, teachers, farmers, judges, legislators, churchmen and tradesmen. Planting was a labor of love. His name was Andrew Smith Gibbons.

Owner/SourceDescendants of Joshua and Nancy Gibbons
File nameA Tribute to Andrew Smith Gibbons, Pioneer
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